Vol 3, No 2 (2009)

Special Theme Issue guest edited by Sarah McCord and Terry Taylor.

Table of Contents


Journal editing in the age of open access: a reflection on opportunities and challenges. PDF
Sarah McCord, Terry Taylor 65-67
Teaching Matters: The State of Information Literacy Assessment and the Way Forward PDF
Patrick P. Ragains, Janelle M. Zauha 68-69


A Twenty Year Path: Learning about Assessment; Learning from Assessment PDF
Debra L. Gilchrist 70-79
Writing Information Literacy Assessment Plans: A Guide to Best Practice PDF
Megan Oakleaf 80-90
Building a “Seamless Environment” for Assessment of Information Literacy: Libraries, Student Affairs, and Learning Outside the Classroom PDF
Scott Walter 91-98

Research Articles

Using Cognitive Interviews and Student Response Processes to Validate an Interpretive Argument for the ETS iSkills™ Assessment PDF
Eric Snow, Irvin Katz 99-127
The ILE project: a scalable option for customized information literacy instruction and assessment PDF
Steve Borrelli, Corey M. Johnson, Lara A. Cummings 128-141
Using Blackboard to Deliver Library Research Skills Assessment: A Case Study PDF
Maura A Smale, Mariana Regalado 142-157
Information Literacy Rubrics within the Disciplines PDF
Britt A. Fagerheim, Flora G. Shrode 158-170
Mixing and Matching: Assessing Information Literacy PDF
Carol McCulley 171-180
Using Assessment Data to Inform Library Instruction for First Year Students PDF
Julie Gilbert 181-192
A Program for Introducing Information Literacy to Commercial Art and Design Students PDF
David A. Walczak, Diane L. Sammet, Monika E. Reuter 193-203
The Evolution of a Testing Tool for Measuring Undergraduate Information Literacy Skills in the Online Environment PDF
Elizabeth Mulherrin, Husein Abdul-Hamid 204-215

ISSN: 1933-5954