Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


First Thoughts on the Framework PDF
Robert Schroeder 101

Research Articles

Evaluating a Pre-session Exercise in a Standalone Information Literacy Class PDF
Joseph E. Goetz, Catherine R. Barber 176-185
A Survey of Librarian Perceptions of Information Literacy Techniques PDF
Simone L. Yearwood, Nancy M. Foasberg, Kenneth D. Rosenberg 186-197
Colleges of Education Librarians in Nigeria: An Investigation into the Self-Perception of ICT-Related Information Literacy Skills PDF
Ebikabowei Emmanuel Baro, Monica Eberechukwu Eze 198-209

Special Features

First Thoughts on Implementing the Framework for Information Literacy PDF
Trudi E. Jacobson, Craig Gibson 102-110
Seeking Social Justice in the ACRL Framework PDF
Andrew Battista, Dave Ellenwood, Lua Gregory, Shana Higgins, Jeff Lilburn, Yasmin Sokkar Harker, Christopher Sweet 111-125
Teaching Information Literacy Through "Un-Research" PDF
Allison Hosier 126-135
A Pedagogy of Inquiry PDF
Nicole Pagowsky 136-144
Ideology and Critical Self-Reflection in Information Literacy Instruction PDF
Jessica Critten 145-156
This is Really Happening: Criticality and Discussions of Context in ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy PDF
Kevin Patrick Seeber 157-163
Continuing the Conversation: Questions about the Framework PDF
Megan E. Dempsey, Heather Dalal, Lynee R. Dokus, Leslin H. Charles, Davida Scharf 164-175

Book Reviews

Book Review: Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think About Information PDF
Margy MacMillan 210-213
Book Review: Curriculum-based Library Instruction: From Cultivating Faculty Relationships to Assessment PDF
Maureen Knapp 214-215
Book Review: Using Primary Sources: Hands-On Instructional Exercises PDF
Kevin M. O'Sullivan 216-218

ISSN: 1933-5954