Vol 7, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


Reflecting on this Issue PDF
Robert Schroeder 81-83

Research Articles

Proposing a Metaliteracy Model to Redefine Information Literacy PDF
Trudi E. Jacobson, Thomas P. Mackey 84-91
Rethinking the 2000 ACRL Standards: Some Things to Consider PDF
Carol C. Kuhlthau 92-97
Info lit 2 .0 or Deja Vu? PDF
Patricia Anne Iannuzzi 98-107
A Threshold Concepts Approach to the Standards Revision PDF
Amy R. Hofer, Korey Brunetti, Lori Townsend 108-113
Refreshing Information Literacy: Learning from Recent British Information Literacy Models PDF
Justine Martin 114-127
Minding the Gaps: Exploring the Space Between Vision and Assessment in Information Literacy Work PDF
Heidi LM Jacobs 128-138
The New ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards: Revising Reception PDF
Benjamin R. Harris 139-145
Affective Learning and Personal Information Management: Essential Components of Information Literacy PDF
Ellysa Stern Cahoy 146-149
A Reconsideration of Information Literacy PDF
Stanley J. Wilder 150-153
Marketing Information Literacy PDF
Maura Seale 154-160
Transforming Information Literacy in the Sciences Through the Lens of e-Science PDF
Elizabeth Berman 161-170
How AASL Learning Standards Inform ACRL Information Literacy Standards PDF
Lesley S.J. Farmer 171-176
Information Literacy and Digital Literacy: Competing or Complementary? PDF
Rosanne Marie Cordell 177-183
Time for a Paradigm Shift: The New ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education PDF
Marcus Banks 184-188
Moving Forward: A Discussion on the Revision of the ACRL Information Literacy Standards for Higher Education PDF
Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Craig Gibson, Trudi E. Jacobson 189-201

ISSN: 1933-5954