Communications in Information Literacy, Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

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Developing an Information Literacy Assessment Rubric: A Case Study of Collaboration, Process, and Outcomes

Christina Hoffman Gola, Irene Ke, Kerry M. Creelman, Shawn P. Vaillancourt


A team of four librarians at the [Institution Name] ([Institution Initials]) Libraries partnered with the [Institution Initials] Office of Institutional Effectiveness and its Director of Assessment & Accreditation Services for General Education to conduct a campus-wide, exploratory assessment of undergraduate information literacy skills. The project evaluated a selection of graduating, senior-level student papers using a rubric developed as part of the collaboration. This paper describes and discusses the collaborative rubric development and rating process, the practical implications for other librarians seeking to conduct a similar assessment, and the impact the project is having on the library instruction program.

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