Communications in Information Literacy, Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

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Notes from the Field: 10 Short Lessons on One-Shot Instruction

Megan Oakleaf, Steven Hoover, Beth Woodard, Jennifer Corbin, Randy Hensley, Diana Wakimoto, Christopher V. Hollister, Debra Gilchrist, Michelle Millet, Patty Iannuzzi


Librarians teach. It might not be what they planned to do when they entered the profession, or it may have been a secret hope all along. Either way, librarians teach, and one teaching scenario remains quintessential: the one-shot library instruction session. In recognition of the centrality of the “one-shot,” this article shares several authors' “notes from the field." The notes provide a range of strategies for developing pedagogically sound one-shot library instruction sessions, grouped loosely into three categories: planning, delivery, and integration. The authors offer these insights in their own words in hopes that other teaching librarians may benefit from their experiences.

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