General announcement: Standing orders for print edition...

As part of the ongoing effort to give libraries streamlined and
cost-efficient means to support open access journals, Communications in
Information Literacy (CIL) is pleased to announce that we now offer
invoiced delivery of our print edition. It could not be simpler to order:

* Call Co-Editor, Stewart Brower (918-660-3222) or e-mail
( to set up an order
* We ship you the volume(s) and an invoice
* You return the invoice with your payment

If you want to set up a standing order, we can handle that as well.

In an effort to get everyone's orders handled in a timely manner, please
contact us before MAY 29, 2009. We use a print-on-demand agent
( so copies will have to be printed before they can ship. Cost
per volume will be $39.95, plus $10 S/H.

Cheers to all! And *thanks* to all!!!

ISSN: 1933-5954